Provides a public blockchain infrastructure service, building a trusted network with global developers.
BUMO is a new generation of public chain for business. It builds an internet infrastructure that can move value around through core technologies like BU Firework, BU Orbits, BU Canal and BU CodeMach. BUMO provides documentation and development tools for developers to improve development efficiency, which makes it easier for applications to access BUMO. Developers can understand the BUMO technical architecture and its system well by reading documentation and using developing tools. BUMO will attract more outstanding developers, industry experts and influential leaders to join us, who will be the cornerstone in the global ecological development of BUMO.
Smart Contract
Contract editor provides visual debugging for developers. Standard contract templates with multiple contract examples. Independent sandbox environment. Provides contract interoperability and exception handling mechanisms.
Supports programming languages such as Java, JavaScript and Go, and provides methods to operate and query the BUMO blockchain.
CTP 10Token services Contract services Account services Asset services Transaction services Block services
Source Code
Supports downloading blockchain source code and documentation.
Node Installation
Supports operating systems such as Ubuntu and Centos.
Adapts to different applications with different languages.
Easy to integrate different application systems.
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